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Take part in karaoke, an essential part of Japanese entertainment, with a local guide. Join a karaoke party with a drink and light meal in a room equipped with approximately 1.9 million songs including English tracks in Ikebukuro, a district with a rich nightlife.

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with the local nightlife staple of karaoke. Head to Ikebukuro, a high-energy northern Tokyo neighborhood, easily accessible via the JR line. Feel like a rock star in a glittering, high-tech karaoke room.

Absorb the energy of your fellow karaoke lovers and witness the passion of the Japanese for music and performance. Sing along to your heart’s content with world hits and J-pop classics while being guided by a state-of-the-art sound system.

Enjoy local snacks and refreshments while recharging your energy throughout the night. Grasp the etiquette and cultural intricacies of Japanese karaoke with your guide.



Feel the electric energy of Tokyo’s entertainment district of Ikebukuro
Sing your heart out to over 1.9 million songs in a modern karaoke room
Learn the etiquette and cultural intricacies of karaoke from your guide
Enjoy a drink, local snacks, and refreshments to recharge your energy
Experience Japan’s karaoke culture with a state-of-the art machine



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