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Temple Triad From Kandy: Embekke, Lankathilaka, Gadaladeniya – Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka

Explore Sri Lanka's cultural heritage at Embekke, Gadaladeniya, and Lankathilaka Temples. Marvel at their architecture, craftsmanship, and historical significance, dating back to the Gampola Period.


08.30: Pick-up from your hotel in Kandy and proceed to Embekke Temple.
09.30: Embekke Temple, Gadaladeniya Temple, and Lankathilaka Temple are three significant Buddhist temples that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. These temples, constructed during the Gampola Period (1341-1410 AD), are major tourist attractions renowned for their architectural marvels and craftsmanship.
Embekke Temple is particularly notable for its exquisite wooden structure, including the roof. The temple resembles an open hall, supported by intricately carved Gammalu wooden pillars. Historians believe that Embekke Temple served as the king’s audience hall during the Gampola period, and this architectural style was prevalent on the island during that era.
Gadaladeniya Temple, situated on a flat rock near Diggala, dates back to the 14th century and is famous for its magnificent stone sculptures. Faded paintings from ancient times provide valuable insights into the temple’s construction. The architectural style of Gadaladeniya Temple exhibits South Indian influences, suggesting that craftsmen from other regions were involved in its creation.
Lankathilaka Temple is located on a slightly elevated platform, surrounded by picturesque hills and lush vegetation. It bears inscriptions attributed to King Bhuwanekabahu IV (1341-1351) and King Vikramabahu III (1357-1374), adding historical significance to the site.
12.00: After exploring these remarkable temples, return to Kandy for an overnight stay, continuing your journey through the captivating cultural and historical landmarks of Sri Lanka.



Discover Embekke Temple’s exquisite wooden architecture
Marvel at Gadaladeniya Temple’s stone sculptures and ancient art
Lankathilaka Temple: Serenity amid hills & lush greenery



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