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Taiwan: EasyCard Transportation Card (TPE Airport Pickup) – Nantou County, Taiwan

Explore Taiwan easily by getting this convenient EasyCard, pick up as soon as possiblue when you landing at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and get to use it immediately.


When it comes to the most powerful travel transportation card in Taiwan, it is definitely the EasyCard, solving 90% of your transportation problems! You can conveniently add value anytime, anywhere at major transportation stations and convenience stores across Taiwan!

Taiwan’s EasyCard can be described as an all-in-one card, integrating various payment methods for transportation in Taiwan. Whether you are taking the MRT, bus, Taiwan Railways, High-Speed Rail, long-distance buses, ferries, or using it as an electronic wallet, it can be used at convenience stores, specific taxis, public bike rentals, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and more, easily meeting your payment needs! It can be said that it’s a card in hand for traveling all around Taiwan! It is undoubtedly the best companion for your travels in Taiwan!

Available to use for the below services with top-up:
-Airport MRT: Taoyuan Airport to/from Taipei Main Station
-Metro Taipei
-Metro Kaohsiung with 15% discount.
-Taiwan Railways (except Puyuma Express, Taroko Express, cruise-style trains, group trains, and other specified trains.)
-Downtown Bus (Taipei City/New Taipei City/Keelung City/Yilan County/Hsinchu City/Taichung City/Tainan City/Kaohsiung City/Lienchiang County/Kinmen County)
-Shared bikes: YouBike/T Bike/C Bike
-Attractions: Taipei Zoo, Fisherman’s Wharf, Tamsui Old Street, Maokong Gondola (with TWD20 discount on weekdays)
-Use an e-wallet for most convenience stores



The most powerful travel transportation card in Taiwan
Discover Taiwan by all-in-one EasyCard
Easily payments and stransportations cashless



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