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Taipei’s Origin & Longshan Temple – Taiwan Cultural Tour – Nantou County, Taiwan

The tip-based cultural tour uncovers the essence of Taiwanese at Taipei's origin and Longshan Temple. Dive into the captivating tales of our folk gods, stories, and the true Taiwanese way of life.


Dive into the rich fabric of Taiwanese culture and history. Discover how our ancestors thrived in Taiwan and how they treated illnesses without doctors. Looking for a bit of extra luck? Longshan Temple, filled with colorful dragons, is home to over 100 folk gods who oversee everything from the sea to battles. Share your wishes with gods like Wenchang Dijun, known for helping with learning, and the Old Man Under the Moon, who brings couples together. Our guide will show you how to throw ‘moonstones’ and interpret messages from the heavens. Get your fortune read and learn about the temple’s long history and the traditions of Buddhism and Taoism that have made it a beloved place for centuries.



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The Origin of Taipei
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