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Departing from Swakopmund, this 3-day safari offers a journey through the Namib, the world’s oldest desert. From the coast, we traverse vast plains and mountain passes, crossing the Tropic of Capricorn to the dune fields. We start early to experience sunrise at Dead Vlei and Sossusvlei, observing desert-adapted wildlife along the way. The Namib is a biodiversity hotspot, home to unique creatures. Climbing massive dunes like Big Daddy or Dune 45 is a unique Namibian experience. We visit the Solitaire cheetah project and journey across mountains to Windhoek.

Day 1: Swakopmund to Sesriem

Starting in coastal Swakopmund, opportunities for quad biking and sandboarding await. By mid-morning, our desert journey begins. We cross the Namib plains, mountain inselbergs, and the Kuiseb Pass, later crossing the Tropic of Capricorn. As evening nears, the Naukluft Mountains beckon.

Day 2: Sossusvlei Excursion

We aim to capture the dunes in the morning light. Our journey uncovers the Tsauchab River’s history and its shifting sands. At Dead Vlei, ancient camelthorn trees stand tall. Adventurous souls can climb dunes for panoramic views, while others may visit Dune 45. We conclude with a visit to the Sesriem Canyon before heading to our accommodation.

Day 3: Namib Desert to Windhoek

We sample Solitaire’s famous apple pie, savoring Namibia’s flavors. Our return to Windhoek presents a scenic drive over Namibia’s plateau, with brief stops at Rehoboth and B?ellsPort. By afternoon, we’re in Windhoek, ending our memorable Namibian journey.



Embark on a transformative journey across the ageless Namib desert
Climb the iconic dunes of Dead Vlei and Sossusvlei
Connect with nature as you encounter the unique, desert-adapted wildlife



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