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The group English guide and chinese speaking driver will hold your name logo and wait for you at your hotel lobby within 3rd ring road of Beijing between 7:AM to 7:30AM in the morning. Then drive around 1.5 hours and reach at Mutianyu Great wall park lot approx 9:30am, Start your 3-hour hike on the eastern section of the wall with plenty of photo opportunities of the surrounding foliage, architecture, and towers along the way. Be surrounded by ancient architecture to marvel at the along this 6 km hike. Take time to enjoy the breathtaking sights along the parapets on this relatively less crowded section of the wall with room to stop and admire the views. This section of the Great Wall offers a look at each unique tower along the way, ensuring there is always something new to discover. Later on have lunch and visit a Jade or cloisonné factory to experience traditional Chinese culture, then return back hotel.



Experience the amazing Mutianyu Great Wall
Marvel at the sights
Enjoy Beijing’s tour



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