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Visit the wonders of the Sinai Peninsula on a day trip by Jeep from Sharm El Shiek to the Colored Canyon, Blue Hole Nature Reserve, and the coastal city of Dahab. Explore towering rock formations, snorkel along the coral reefs, and ride a camel. Enjoy a BBQ lunch and add on an optional ATV ride.

After pickup, take a Jeep to the famous colorful rocks of the Colored Canyon (Salama Red Canyon). Explore a nature-made maze of yellow, purple, red, and gold sandstone cliffs as you walk through the 800-meter-long canyon.

Continue to the Abu Galum Sanctuary, where you’ll have time to snorkel through the coral reef gardens and visit the world-renowned diving area of the Blue Hole Natural Reserve. Discover the rich underwater ecosystem of the Red Sea with all your senses.

Afterward, sit on the waterfront in Dahab for a buffet lunch, then ride a camel along the coast. Before leaving Sharm El Sheikh, visit the seaside town of Dahab, where you can explore the lively bazaar and shop for silverware, perfumes, and clothing.



Ride a camel on the beach along the coastline in the Abu Galum Reserve
Add some extra thrill to your trip with an optional ATV ride along the Red Sea
Snorkel up close to the Red Sea’s marine life at the Blue Hole Nature Reserve
Get lost in the vibrantly colored natural labyrinth of the Salama Red Canyon
Browse diverse stalls and shop unique local goods at the Dahab bazaar



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