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Leave Seville and see the sunrise over the Andalucian countryside on a hot-air balloon ride. As you drift through the peaceful morning skies, enjoy panoramic views of the countryside that surrounds Seville, admiring rivers, forests, and parkland stretching out toward mountain peaks on the horizon. After touching down, celebrate your morning flight with a free buffet breakfast in a 4-star hotel with a glass of Champagne. It includes cold water in single bottles, photos & videos with GoPro camera, your own flying hat and a custom flying certificate.



Fly on a hot air balloon in Seville with free buffet breakfast & champagne
A whole new unique experience and a genuine adventure. All seasons, all year.
We own the most modern balloons in Andalusia. More than 25 years of experience.
We own unique baskets with doors and seats for less able passengers & VIP flight



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