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Bird watching in Quenuir located at the mouth of the Maullín River and the Las Lajas Lagoon are privileged places since they concentrate 53% of migratory birds in Chile.We will visit these sectors where and depending on the time of year we will be able to see… .flamingos, Coscorobas swans, Imperial and de las Rocas cormorants, the Chilean dolphin, black-necked swans, curlews, pilpilen and other birds that inhabit the sector, a privileged place where we can observe and / or photograph them.Route.We will leave from Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt towards the town of Maullín, some 70 km away. Heading south, once in the city, we will take a tour of the square and church, where there will be a brief presentation of the commune’s wetlands (WHSRN) and we will describe the activity.- At the dock we will take the boat that will take us and leave us in Quenuir Bajo and from there we will begin the walk to the “Las Lajas” wetland, on which route we will continue to watch birds and tell a little about the local history of Quenuir Bajo, as It affected the earthquake of the year 1.960 and how is the life of the local people.Then we will arrive at the viewpoint of the wetland “Las Lajas” and before continuing we will make a “break” to regain strength. (Snack)We will resume our walk to the wetland “Laguna Quenuir”, andwe will go on to order empanadas at the “Picá del flamenco”.We will arrive at the “Laguna Quenuir” wetland, where we will continue thebird watching.We will be back at Picá del flamenco, to eat theempanadas and comment on the day.We will begin the return to take the boat that will take us to the starting point of this activity.- At 17:00 hrs: (Approx.) We will be in Maullín and we say goodbyethanking the shared day, then we will return to our cities of origin.

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