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• We will begin this excursion by picking you up at your accommodation in the city of Puno and we will begin the adventure to three towns full of charm and ancestral history.
• The first town we will visit will be Chucuito, this town is located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, presenting beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions.
• We will visit the Temple of Fertility, an Inca construction that was used as a place of worship for Mother Earth and fertility.
• We will continue with the visit to the Chullpas de Molloco and we will be able to observe impressive constructions from the pre-Columbian era, in addition to its history.
• Afterwards we will make a stop at the Andean Waru Waru, used in the highlands in flood-prone areas, also known as camellones.
• Also one of our stops will be in the town of Aramu Muru, also called Gate of the Gods, a historical and mythological place. In this place we will learn about its legends and history.
• As the third stop point will be the city of Juli, this city is characterized by having great religious fervor and is demonstrated by the large number of Catholic churches that it presents.
• In addition, we will be able to observe impressive pictorial works by artists of Cusco origin.
• To finish this tour we will go to a local restaurant to enjoy lunch on our own.
• Finally we will return to the city of Puno, where we will leave you in the main square, thus finishing this great adventure.



Discover towns full of culture and history.
Get to know the city that was founded by the religious order of the Dominicans.
Enjoy the most mystical and energetic places that exist in Lake Titicaca.



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