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join us on a popular trip to Kintamani Bali. On this trip, guests will enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur using a 4WD jeep. The first trip will start with pick-up at the hotel around 02.30 to 03.30 (depending on hotel location). and will arrive at the jeep basecamp around 04.30 in the morning. The first trip uses a 4 wd jeep to the sunrise spot on Mount Batur. After arriving at Mount Batur, guests will be given breakfast while waiting for the sun to rise. When the time shows 06.00 am. Your guests will witness the beauty of a truly beautiful sunrise. Here guests can immortalize the moment by taking photos or videos. After enjoying the beautiful sunrise from Mount Batur, the journey will continue around the black lava area at the foot of Mount Batur. Here the view is also very beautiful. With a stretch of black lava resulting from the 1963 eruption. When guests have finished in the black lava, guests will be taken back to basecamp by jeep. And the trip by 4WD jeep is complete. Next, the journey continues to Akasa Cafe Kintamani. This cafe is located at a height overlooking Mount Batur. This cafe is very popular because of its beautiful views of Mount Batur. And finally, after finishing at Akasa Cafe, guests will be escorted back to the hotel.



Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise from Mount Batur by 4WD jeep.
Tour the black lava at the foot of Mount Batur by jeep.
relax in a cafe with views of Mount Batur



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