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This tour is the best combination possible to visit the two must-do activities when you visit our beautiful Medellin.You get the chance to visit a family’s farm to witness and participate in a real non-touristy coffee experience and have a traditional deliciously fresh lunch at the farm. We explain step by step every single part of the coffee production from planting the seed to roast it as well as you get to drink it in different brewing methods. But also you get to know first-hand the real transformation of a neighborhood that used to be very violent and now is stepping forward for a much better future for its community. Its colours, its people and its history will make this part of the tour a unforgettable one. As we combine the best of both atmospheres: Nature and urban history, we promise, you will be very engaged and entertained throughout the day. If you are short of time in Medellin take this tour, you will always be happy with the experience you will get, book now!

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