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Our Staff will pick you up at 07.00 am at your hotel go to Lumajang area for 2 hours by Private car. Tumpak Sewu waterfall is becoming famous as one of the most amazing waterfalls in East Java, and it may even be the coolest waterfall in all of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Then we go to Telaga Biru, Participants rest by swimming to enjoy a very clear lake.

Next we visit Goa Tetes Waterfall On the way back from Tumpak Sewu, there’s a second waterfall in the same ravine called Goa Tetes, that you can visit on a loop hike that takes you back to the parking area. Walk down the ravine for about 15 minutes and you’ll see a nice waterfall with an orange rock wall. Keep going and you’ll hike past a series of caves and falls flowing down the rocks. If you have time to explore, some of these caves make for really neat photo ops. Be careful, because the rocks here are VERY wet and slippery. Don’t try to keep your feet dry, it’s impossible. Just keep three points of contact and put your electronics in a dry bag in case you fall on your butt and get soaked. At the end of the falls, there’s another bamboo foot path leading up and out of the ravine.

After exploring Tumpaksewu Waterfall, we will drive back to your hotel in Malang



Started from Malang at 07.00 am
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