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Awaken your senses at the amazing Xenses Park located in Playa del Carmen. Avail of 15 activities in different scenarios that will amaze your mind!
Explore stunning land, air, water and underground experiences, such as the Way of Dwarfs and Giants that will make you doubt your own size! Feel about different ecosystems at the Xensatorium, where you will trust in your senses except on your site.
Hike through the caverns of the labyrinth of underground arteries and admire how fish, ducks, macaws and flamingos exist in harmony.

Walk under a waterfall to get to the town, it is time to challenge to your perception. Feel fly on the zip line, relax yourself letting you move by in the warm current river and by a mud river.

All the time you will be amazed by countless visual spots of optical illusions. It is an incredible experience!



Try more than 15 activities to awaken your senses
Discover surreal architecture and optical illusions
Fly on a zip line, slide into darkness or float on a mud river



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