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Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Phuket Three Khai Islands Relaxing Snorkeling Tour – Half Day, where you’ll discover the beauty of one of Phuket’s best shallow water snorkeling islands: Khai Nok, Khai Nui and Khai Nai. Swim with colorful fishes in crystal-clear waters and interact with the friendly cats that roam freely on Khai Nai island. Our snorkel mask are provided free of charge.

What you can expect:
-Snorkeling in clear blue waters: 3 Khai Islands are known for their crystal clear waters, making them an ideal destination for snorkeling. You can witness an abundance of colorful marine life such as corals, tropical fish, and sea turtles while snorkeling.

-Relaxing on pristine beaches: The Khai Islands are surrounded by beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters. You can spend your time relaxing on the beach, sunbathing, and enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the islands.

-Visiting multiple islands: The tour usually includes visits to three different Khai Islands, each with its unique characteristics. You can explore the islands, take a stroll, and capture some stunning pictures.

-Enjoying water activities: Apart from snorkeling, you can also engage in other water activities such as jet ski and swimming. These activities provide a fun-filled and adventurous experience for all.

Tour Duration and Travelling:
-The boat ride to the 1st island is only 20-25 mins. We will spend 40min-1hr, on the first island for snorkeling & relaxing. Then head to the 2nd island only 5-7min away, here we will hop off the boat to snorkeling in deeper waters. Then we will head to the 3rd island where we will spend 40min-1hr for half-day program or the rest of the afternoon for Full day program. Only Full Day program will be served Chicken Pad Thai with Chicken Wings (Halal) on a beachfront restaurant– Vegetarian option available.

Morning: boat departs at 9.00-9:30AM and returns at 1:30PM
Afternoon: boat departs at 1.15-1:30PM and returns at 5:30PM
Full day: boat departs at 9:30AM and returns at 5:30PM (lunch at 12.00PM)

Book our Phuket Three Khai Islands Relaxing Snorkeling Tour – Half Day or Full Day now and let us take you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

-The clarity of the ocean depends on the weather and seasonality.
-The program is subject to change & a site can be skipped due to sea conditions, but our boat captain and crew will ensure your safety and enjoyment.



Onboard our speedboat from our private beach with a beach swing
Clear blue waters for snorkeling
Relaxing on pristine beaches: Clear waters & white sand
Visits to three different islands with unique characteristics.
Many Activities: Swim, Snorkel, Relax, Scuba Diving and Jet Ski rental available



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