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Paragliding offers the purest form of flight, free from noise and vibrations – just you and the wind. Whether launching from the desert or the beach, you’ll witness Paracas from the air like never before. Prepare to be amazed!

We will leave with our staff and pilot guide to the Paracas National Reserve, where our staff will decide where you will take the flight. place depending on the weather conditions of the day, it can be “Cerro Maldito”, “Playa Supay”, “La Catedral”

Passenger flight with a certified pilot on a 10-15 minute flight, making a descent of 320 meters

Paracas has never been seen in such a breadth of beauty, whether flying from the mountains or from the beach.



Spectacular Views: Witness Paracas Reserve from the air
Effortless Soaring: Enjoy paragliding without prior experience
Unforgettable Descent: Descend 320 meters for a breathtaking experience



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