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Enjoy a Victorian and Edwardian-era-themed magic show as you travel back in time to watch a parlor magic performance from world-class magicians. Sit close to the magicians in an intimate setting as they perform miracles, such as making items float, disappear, and change shape right before your eyes.

See the parlor magic show, which gets its name from a trend in the past where parlors were built in homes to entertain guests in a close setting. Enter the theater and watch the show, which has a capacity of about 60 guests. During the show, receive a password for an escape room.

Then, use the password so you can move through the portal. Watch in wonder as the magicians perform miracles, create illusions, and levitate in front of you. Experience the thrills and excitement of magic inside a theater that is decorated in the style of the Victorian era.



Watch the show inside a Victorian-themed theater and experience parlor magic
Witness the magicians perform tricks up close from 6 to 15 feet in front of you
Stare in wonder at floating, disappearing, and shape-changing objects
Experience an intimate setting in a small theater that holds 60 guests
Get a password which you will use to exit an escape room as part of the show



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