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Nuwara Eliya to Summit Bliss: Adams Peak Overnight Hike – Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka

Discover the magic of Adams Peak in Sri Lanka: Night ascent, breathtaking sunrise, and memories etched in Nuwara Eliya's highlands. Unforgettable trek awaits!


09.00 pm: Embark on your journey as you leave your hotel for Nallatanniya, the starting point of an extraordinary Adams Peak hike.
+12:30 am, your knowledgeable trekking guide briefs you on the route. Adams Peak, or Sri Pada, stands majestically at 2,243 meters (7,359 feet) in Sri Lanka’s central highlands, attracting tourists and locals alike. The customary night ascent ensures you reach the summit for a mesmerizing sunrise. Adams Peak is part of the 224 sq km Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, a designated wildlife refuge since October 25, 1940. Its unique geography sets it apart in the island’s natural reserves.
+04:30 am, as you reach the summit, relish the cool climate and immerse yourself in the breathtaking nature surrounding the peak. Witness an unforgettable sunrise before descending to Nallatanniya.
+09:30 am, proceed back to your Nuwara Eliya hotel, cherishing the memories of your remarkable Adams Peak adventure.



Sunrise Summit: Night Hike with Expert Guide
Iconic Adams Peak: Awe-inspiring 2,243m Hike
Unique Adams Peak: Inside 224sqkm Wildlife Sanctuary



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