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Nuawara Eliya: Horton Plains and Tea All-Inclusive Tour – Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka

Get closer to nature and see some wonderful attractions in the hill country. You will visit Horton Plains, World's end, Bakers waterfalls and Tea Plantation with a Tea factory.


Make an early start to Horton Plains National Park at 06:00. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you’ll take a guided walk along the nature trails to a viewpoint known as World’s End. A variety of wildlife including endemic Rhino-horned and Hump-nosed Lizards, highland bird species including the Sri Lanka White-eye, Dull-blue Flycatcher, Sri Lanka Bush Warbler, Yellow-eared Bulbul may be encountered. Also keep your eye out for troops of Bear Monkey, and Sambar (Sri Lanka’s largest species of deer) which are regularly seen in the plains close to the entrance. You will continue your journey up to Bakers waterfalls. 

Leave Horton Plains & arrive at Nuwara Eliya for the lunch at Summer Hill Breeze. 

After lunch you will be taken to Visit a Tea Plantation and a Tea Factory. Visit a Tea plantation and a Tea Factory. Ceylon Tea is the most famous tea in the world. Today more than 200,000 hectares in highlands and other areas are under Tea and around 300 million Kilograms, with a 25% of world tea exports are done by Sri Lanka as the World’s largest Tea exporter. On completion, you will be dropped at your hotel.



Discover a large number of endemic flora and Fauna
Gaze out from the view point known as the world’s end
See Bakers Waterfall
Enjoy a photo opportunity with rich nature creations
Explroe a tea plantation and working tea factory



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