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Customers will enter the establishment and provide proof of purchase. The customers will sign a legal waiver which also acts as a way to send them a picture of their event and provide a link to the leaderboard to see how they performed compared to other players. After signing the waivers and coming up with a team name, customers will go through a short orientation to describe the concept of an escape room and listen to our rules and regulations. Once this has been completed, customers will enjoy a trailer that describes the backstory and objective of the escape room theme they selected. A game master (Guide) will introduce themselves and offer a restroom break before entering the escape room. The game master will provide a breif recap of how to play the game and interact with the game master to receive hints when they can’t figure out a puzzle. The game master will leave the room and head for the audio visiual room where they will provide 5 hints to customers when requested. Customers will have 60 minutes and 5 hints to complete the objective. Pictures will be taken after the event and sent to the email provided.



60 minute live interactive high tech experience!
Zombie Apocalypse where players interact with the story!
Be the star of your own adventure!
The most fun escape room in South Jersey hands down, nothing else comes close!



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