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Generally, tourists stop at several restaurants and cafes that stand along the caldera of this mountain. You can determine your own starting time for breakfast or lunch. Starting from the beginning of 2020, there were many very famous cafe shops in Kintamani. You must visit one of these cafes if you pass through Kintamani. The cafes that we recommend include: Paper Hill, Montana and Tegu Kopi. From all these cafes you can see beautiful natural views. You can see views of Mount Batur, Mount Abang, Mount Agung and Lake Batur from these three popular spots.

Apart from the cafes mentioned above, there are still many other activities that you can do or visit while in the Kintamani area. For example, climbing Mount Batur, visiting Trunyan village and cemetery, and also the natural hot springs in Toya Bungkah village. Kintamani offers so many choices. Of course, it would be a shame if you didn’t visit Kintamani while on holiday in Bali. Mount Batur erupted dozens of times. What was recorded by geologists stated that this mountain with a height of 1717 meters above sea level had erupted at least 26 times. Where the first recorded eruption occurred in 1804. Then the last eruption of Mount Batur occurred 21 years ago, precisely in 2000.

History records that the eruption that occurred on August 2 and September 21 1926 was the largest eruption of this mountain. It was also stated that at the time of this eruption the entire ancient Batur village was covered by the eruption of black lava. If you visit one of the cafes or restaurants in Kintamani, you will clearly be able to see the vast expanse of lava. The hot lava from the bowels of Mount Batur has now frozen into black lava rock. According to research by geologists, two large eruptions at 29 thousand and 20 thousand years ago were so powerful that they formed two calderas of Mount Batur, namely. the first and second calderas. This large eruption caused Mount Batur to have three volcanic cones in each crater. Then these cones were called Batur I, Batur II and batur lll



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