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Embark on a rejuvenating journey with the Hot Springs Tour at Termas de San Joaquín. Experience the therapeutic and cosmetic benefits of hot springs integral to indigenous medicine in Mexico.

Your first stop takes you to Termas de San Joaquín, nestled in the desert, where thermal water pools are situated underground beneath enchanting Roman-style bath vaults. Rich in mineral components, especially sulfur, these hot springs offer a uniquely relaxing sensation with temperatures between 40°C and 42°C. The vapors of the thermal waters, combined with the vaults, create an aromatic experience, enhancing your overall well-being.

Continue on your journey as you pass through the historic town of Icamole, known for its role in a famous battle led by Porfirio Díaz. Explore the town’s historical significance and unique charm. Visit the historic center of García, showcasing early 20th-century mansions that reflect the vibrant elegance of the northeastern region.

Your final destination is a traditional bakery, where time seems to stand still as they continue to bake bread using traditional ovens. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of the region.



Explore underground thermal water pools at Termas de San Joaquín
Visit the historic town of Icamole with its historical significance
Discover early 20th-century mansions in the historic center of García
Relax with convenient transportation Monterrey
Be amazed by stunning early 20th-century mansions



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