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After a pick-up from your accommodation, start the Monarch Butterfly Tour Mexico taking a picturesque drive through the Valley of Mexico to reach Sierra Chincua, one of five official monarch butterfly sanctuaries that are famous for its exceptional natural beauty and impressive landscapes.

This place is the final (and the only) destination for the annual monarch butterfly migration (November to March) which is considered one of nature’s greatest spectacles and is currently a top-class attraction for visitors from all around the world. Once there, take a hike (or a horse ride, if you prefer to make it easier) to the colony of those amazing animals, enjoying beautiful mountainous landscapes and clean air on our way.

Afterward, go to the nearby “Magic Town” of Angangueo. Known as “the capital of Monarch Butterfly Reserve”, it also used to be one of the most important mining towns in the region and is currently known for its cultural and natural riches.

After an optional lunch and a walking tour around the town, return to your vehicle and relax on your way back to Mexico City.



Enjoy a natural show performed by thousands of monarch butterflies.
Hike to enjoy the fresh air and picturesque panoramic views of the surrounding.
Walk down cobbled streets and enjoy the Alpine views of the Angangueo town.



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