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In the morning, meet your guide and head to Rancho San Isidro, in Tlaxcala, one of the most representative pulque producers in the region. There, meet a member of a pulque cooperative who will tell us about the history and production technique of this ancient beverage. Except for this, walk around agave fields, try various types of pulque and its products, and taste some of the local food specialties directly from the farm.

Afterward, move to our next stop: Cholula. Considered a “Magical Town“, this place is best known for its Great Pyramid with the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios sanctuary on top. Once there, have a walking tour of its historic center and visit the museum of a local cider producer.

Later, go to the state’s capital city: Puebla. There, visit a monastery that is the birthplace of the most famous regional dish: mole poblano. Hereafter, have a comprehensive walking tour of Puebla seeing its lovely colonial buildings, colorful lanes, and beautiful churches. On our way, discover Puebla’s cuisine trying some of its most typical food in local markets and restaurants.

Also, visit the famous Parian crafts market where you can see unique regional souvenirs and sample traditional candies. Except for it, during this tour, try some of the most popular regional drinks such as local hand-made liquors and artisanal mezcal.

After a full day of discoveries, return to our vehicle and relax on the way back to Mexico City.



Visit a family pulque ranch that supplies lots of famous pulquerias.
Learn about the history and production technique of pulque and cider.
Feel appealing smells and flavors of local food markets in Puebla and Cholula.
Try the best dishes of nation-wide famous Puebla cuisine.
Puebla’s UNESCO-listed historic center.



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