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We start the tour when our guide arrives for you at the lobby of your hotel, we will go to meet what is called the little Chichén itzá. The walled city of Mayapán, known as the “flag of the Maya”, is considered the last great Mayan capital. It has an extension of 4 km², in which there are approximately 4,000 structures. The city of Mayapán was built in the likeness of Chichén Itzá. Its main buildings are a copy of the capital of the Itzáes, the main one is called “El Castillo”. The construction style incorporated elements of the architecture of central Mexico, combined with features inherited from the ancient Mayan cities. However, With the fall of Chichén, Mayapán developed its own style oriented towards the reworking of ancient forms.Our second stop will be the Nayah cenote located in the Pixyah hacienda, its open style with 9 meters of free fall makes it easy to enjoy a beautiful landscape and where we will enjoy its sweet waters.You descend through a wooden staircase that facilitates the entrance to the cenote that ends in a platform from where you can access the water.



Enjoy the beautiful views that Yucatan has for you
Taste the delicious Yucatecan food
Enjoy the landscape and fresh waters of the Nayah cenote



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