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Marcahuasi Experience in Lima – Lima, Peru


Marcahuasi stone forest tour from Lima
Private tour can be customized to suit your interests
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All transportation included with pickup and drop-off in Lima
The Marcahuasi stone forest is often overlooked by visitors, but this mystical site shouldn’t be missed by anyone with an interest in nature or history—and this private guided tour will show you why. Discover monolithic stone forms, unobstructed vista points, and tucked-away attractions far from any crowds as you explore off the beaten path and delve into Peruvian lore.

Marcahuasi is a stone forest located just a few hours away from Lima. It is said that within the depths of this Peruvian Wonder lie hidden the secrets of humanity. Located on the east side of Lima and at more than 12000 feet above sea level, it is famous for the many stories told about it that were passed across the generations. Here in Marcahuasi you are going to charge your soul, and olso recharge with positives energies all your body.Marcahuasi is not just a destination, is all the way up to there, the road, the smells, the nature, everything make the experience.Driving in to the Andes, you can feel the clean air.Marcahuasi is comparable to the immemorial civilization of the Masmas that created modern humanity, or with the ancient Egyptians and their astonishing ruins.Come along with us and discover monumental stone forms that will take your breathe away. You will rub your eyes in disbelief once you’ve learned about the mysterious nature of these formations of land.

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