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07:30 to 08:00 Am. Pick up from your hotel, to board the vehicle that will take us to the artisan community in Chinchero where we will see the treatment of llama wool and alpaca fiber. Then, we will continue to the Inca agricultural laboratory of Moray, it is a set of semi-circular platforms that represent different ecological floors, that is, different temperatures, which is why it is concluded that Moray was an agricultural laboratory for the adaptation of different crops such as potato, corn, quinoa, goose, etc.

Nearby is a natural salt mine called Salineras de Maras. This mine was formed millions of years ago and was part of the local diet for thousands of years and is even used today for local and regional consumption.

Our local guide will explain the salt extraction process to us and we will have time to walk the paths enabled to take photographs and feel the variation in climate according to the depth of the terraces, which can have a difference of 150 m between the point lowest and highest.

2:30 p.m. , we will be arriving at the city center.

End of the tour.



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Maras, Moray & Chinchero Indigenous Market
Chinchero Indigenous Market



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