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Manu Biosphere 7 Days – Cusco, Peru

Manu Reserved Zone Tours of seven days is one of our signature tours to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. The experience takes you deep into Manu National Park.


Day 1: From Cusco to Paradise Lodge. Visit Nincamarca’s pre-Incan towers & Paucartambo. Enjoy views from Tres Cruces and explore Manu National Park’s flora and fauna.

Day 2: From Paradise Lodge to Hummingbird Lodge. Drive to Atalaya port, visit a local farm and a coca plantation. Boat ride on Madre de Dios river observing wildlife. Evening night safari.

Day 3: From Hummingbird Lodge to Casa Matsiguenka Lodge. Sail on Manu river spotting wildlife. Explore Amazon rainforest trails and visit Cocha Otorongo lake. Optional night jungle tour.

Day 4: Explore Lake Cocha Salvador by canoe, spot wildlife including giant river otters. Hike trails to see monkeys and medicinal plants. Return to Casa Matsiguenka for the night.

Day 5: Early boat ride to Cocha Brascho Lagoon. Look out for anacondas and other snakes. Evening at El Dorado Lodge.

Day 6: From El Dorado Lodge to Palotoa Eco Lodge. Sail on Madre de Dios river, hike to a viewpoint for sunset views of parrots and macaws. Evening nocturnal tour in the reserve.

Day 7: Return from Palotoa to Cusco. Breakfast at the lodge, boat to Atalaya port, and drive back to Cusco, arriving around 07:30 PM.



Manu National Park rises from 150 metres above sea level to 4200 m.a.s.
Access to Manu Core Zone is restricted to scientists and researchers.
This 7days Manu Tours with our local crew takes you to the protected areas.



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