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On this exclusive transfer tour, our friendly company representative and the driver will pick you up from your hotel in the morning. Your journey will begin with a visit to the captivating Nobles’ Tombs, providing a unique glimpse into the lives of the New Kingdom elite.

Afterward, you will be driven to the Valley of the Queens, where many pharaohs’ wives and other royal family members were laid to rest during the New Kingdom era. Among the remarkable tombs is the final resting place of Queen Nefertari, beloved wife of Ramses II, celebrated for its breathtaking artwork and detailed adornments. You will also visit three other tombs in the Valley of the Queens.

Important Note: We regret to inform you that Nefertari’s tomb has been closed for urgent and necessary restorations as of March 2, 2024. However, you can still visit 3 other tombs in the Valley of the Queens.

Following your exploration of ancient wonders, we will take you to the awe-inspiring Habu Temple, also known as the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III. Marvel at its impressive architecture, including grand pylons, courtyards, and intricately carved walls depicting scenes from Ramesses III’s reign, such as military triumphs and offerings to deities.

After delving into history, indulge in a delectable lunch at a restaurant on the West Bank.

To conclude your tour, we will ensure your safe return to your hotel.



Personalized chauffeured experience with a dedicated driver.
Exclusive access to ancient tombs and historical sites.
In-depth insights into the lives of Egypt’s elite during the New Kingdom.
Visit iconic locations, including the tomb of Queen Nefertari and Habu Temple.
A seamless, hassle-free journey with a focus on comfort and exploration.



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