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Our representative will pick you up from your accommodation in Luxor to Join a small group of our customers to explore some phenomenal sites, Medinet of Habu, Deir El Medina, and Colossi of Memnon 

Start the tour with Deir El Medina, It was dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of pleasure and love, and Maat, the goddess of truth and personification of cosmic order. In front of the temple are the remains of the workers’ village, mostly low walls although there are also remains of ancient irrigation pipes. Unlike the king’s tombs, these tombs show visions of the afterlife and also parts of daily life. 

The move to Medinet of Habu, one of the most wonderful scenes engraved on the back of the southern tower is the oxen hunt. It depicts Ramses III, leading his chariot and hunting wild oxen. Here you will notice that the sculptor was skilled in showing the pain of the wounded animals. 

The last stop will be the Colossi of Memnon, you’ll be fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture and beliefs. The Colossi are one of the most well-preserved examples of ancient Egyptian art and architecture. Known as an acoustic wonder of the ancient world, this attraction in Egypt is a must-visit.

After the Spectacular visit, relax and enjoy the Egyptian lunch in a local restaurant. then our driver will drop you off at your accommodation in Luxor safe and sound. 



Discover the well-preserved and beautiful temple of Deir El-Dedina
Admire the colorful Medinet of Habu temple 
Take many unique and memorable photos with friends and family 
Enjoy a comfortable hotel pickup and drop-off.



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