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We will pick up you from your Hotel to local restaurants by private Khmer TukTuk. You will experience several local street foodies that are undiscovered by most visitors to my city. We will try small tasting dishes as well as our typical main courses.You will try real Khmer traditional local foods thats no found at restaurants in Phnom Penh city.Will enjoy the delicious “khmer steak beef” at one of our best Cambodian grills and wash it down with a local beer.Khmer dessert eat as local people (The dessert is limit time )and then in the end have some homemade cocktail place and have local band in week dayYour stomach will thank you!!!! Note 1: – The tour price is tour guide for 4 hours 
- Please contact me before tour start, Message, Phone Call, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram…

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