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This ancient archaeological site, located on the arid Pacific coast, dates back over a thousand years and is full of fascinating mysteries and legends waiting to be discovered.

Begin your tour at the Pachacamac Site Museum, where you will be able to appreciate an impressive collection of artifacts recovered from excavations carried out in the area. From ceramics to textiles to beautiful wooden idols, each piece will tell you a story about the ancient civilizations that inhabited this land.

Continue with the visit to the ruins. Throughout the tour, you will observe various adobe and stone structures, witnesses the importance that Pachacamac had as a pilgrimage center for the pre-Inca and Inca cultures. Marvel at the Temple of the Sun, a truncated pyramid rising out of the desert, and the Temple of Pachacamac, a sacred place dedicated to the creator god.

As you explore these historic sites, the tour guide will help you discover and tell stories, further enriching your experience. Learn how religious ceremonies were carried out, what daily life was like in this ancient religious center, and how Pachacamac played a crucial role in the history of ancient Peru.

The visit to the Sanctuary and Museum of Pachacamac is a unique opportunity to immerse in the vibrant history and culture of Peru.



Admire huge trapezoidal pyramids
Discover the Pachacamac Site Museum
Enjoy the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from the top of the temple
Explore the streets and squares of the ancient city of Pachacamac



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