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Indian market is located only one block from the roundabout of the Great Park of Miraflores. It is a place where you can find many stalls with Peruvian handicrafts from all regions, including jewelry, musical instruments, and even good-quality textiles that you can buy as a souvenir.

Walk around and explore the market at your leisure. You will also find a wide variety of silver jewelry and other silver items that can be great souvenirs to take home.

Finally, return to your hotel after you finish shopping at the market.



Marvel at the colours and textures of Peruvian art
Find different crafts and works of art worked by master artisans
Choose from a wide array of souvenirs, from paintings to clothing
Admire the products made from alpaca wool and the silver jewellery
Find the perfect gift to take home with you as a souvenir from Peru



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