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The historic center of Lima was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1991, it still preserves a set of old buildings that represent magnificent evidence of the ostentatious progress it enjoyed in past centuries, and we can still find some architectural gems that behind their facades retain hundreds of years of history.

We will start our tour walking through the old streets of Lima (colonial area), it is also known as «Damero de Pizarro«(Checkerboard), from the Plaza San Martin we will walk along the Jiron de la Union, a street with commercial activity since the time of the Viceroyalty (1535) and was considered the most aristocratic of that time.

The first place to visit will be the hotel “Bolivar”, built in 1924 and it is equivalent of New York’s Palace Hotel, Bolivar Hotel has been visited by dignitaries and Hollywood stars once stayed at this 1920s building. Camu camu fruit juice and “Butifarra” half sandwich will be tasted in the hotel restaurant with a partial view of the San Martin Square.

The second stop will be at the «Café Pancho Fierro», where you will enjoy a «Lúcuma Roll (Peruvian Native Fruit) » and a tea of «Muña (Andean Mint)». Afterwards you will try one of the most popular Peruvian appetizers: “Causa Limeña, which consists of layers of mashed potatoes seasoned with yellow chili peppers (not hot) and stuffed with crab meat.

Then we will go to the Main Square of Lima, we will see the beautiful buildings around it, such as: Basilica Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop’s Palace, Government Palace, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, and the Club de la Union. We will also observe the «Changing of the Guard Ceremony» that takes place every day at 11:30 am in the Main Patio of the Presidential Palace.



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