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Start this tour visiting one of the best museums of Latin America. Larco Museum is a pre-Columbian art site that exhibits the best collection of gold and silver from ancient Peru and archaeological pieces. Here, many studies and projects took place and masterpieces such as Inca Aryballos, the Quipus, Paracas and Mochica textiles, Vicus, Chimu and Wari pieces are exhibited as well as chronological pictures of the cultures of the coast and the highlands of Peru. Visit the museum’s unique erotic room with ceramics that allude to desire and attraction. Finally, do not leave before exploring the beautiful gardens of this complex.

Later, within the residential neighborhood of San Isidro, visit the Huaca Huallamarca, occupied by the Huallas, who used the place to bury their dead with their limbs flexed and covered with cloth. This site also features various patios, corridors, and enclosures painted in ocher yellow and white. The visit to this site is panoramic only.

Walk by the important streets of the Miraflores district until you reach Huaca Pucllana, a pre-Inca complex made of clay and mud considered a ceremonial center for the Lima culture that came to life between 200 and 700 AD. This culture stood out for its ceramics and architecture. This place has been restored since 1981 and has inside an exhibition room, various patios, squares and the Native Flora and Fauna Park, where various species that made up the main resources in pre-Hispanic times are kept.



Enjoy a private transportation for your service.
Explore one of the best museums of Latin America.
Travel back in time visiting some pre-Inca sites.



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