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Whether you have tried your hand at making sushi before or it is your first time, this experience is for you!

Your English-speaking host will patiently guide you through the steps of making both ‘nigiri’ and ‘temaki’ sushi to help you make delicious traditional sushi which you will then enjoy for your lunch!

During the workshop, the host will answer your questions about not only sushi making but home style Japanese cuisine, questions about Kyoto (and beyond!), sightseeing, and Japanese history.

Whether you are a solo traveler, or a family or group join in the experience with other visitors to Kyoto and share your travel tips and experiences while you enjoy the sushi you have just made for lunch.



Discover how delicious sushi is made by locals in a fun and relaxing environment
Experience the art of Japanese cuisine first-hand using only the freshest fish
Learn new skills that stay with you forever which you can take home and share
Join others in creating wonderful lasting memories of your time in Japan
Take the opportunity to ask your host questions about Japanese culture



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