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Ijen crater day trip will start at 5:00 AM from your hotel then our car will bring us to the village of Licin and then continue to the slope of Mount Ijen, passing through plantations and rainforest. This is one of few remaining on the island of Java with giant ferns, plants & big trees. This journey takes approximately an hour. Arriving at the parking area of Ijen Crater (1850m), From here, you need 1, 5 hours will be required to hike the slope o Ijen Crater. Along the walking path, you will enjoy the stunning natural scenery with fresh air and birds singing. Upon your arrival on the peak of Ijen Crater with an altitude of about 2386 m. You will be amazed at the enchanting panorama of Ijen Crater; it has a lake of acid water where the water changes to be turquoise color. The view will be so picturesque when you take a photo from above the crater. Besides the view, you will see the sulfur miners who go down into the crater to take the yellow sulfur rock and climb back up by passing a dangerous path on the edge of Ijen Crater with a load of as much as 80 kilograms on their shoulders.

After enjoying the enchanting scenery at Crater of Ijen Crater then we will go down to the parking area where our car is waiting for escorting you to the plantations. Afterward, we will be back to the town of Banyuwangi.



Day tour for visiting Kawah Ijen without blue fire
Good for kids under 9 years old
Visit coffee and rubber plantation after Kawah Ijen Tour



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