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We’ll visit the Santos Cosme and Diamiao Church from 1535, one of the most ancient Catholic Brazilian Temples. We’ll head towards the Itamaracá Island walking through the Itapissuma town “Crustacean Land” which is almost on the borders of Santa Cruz Channel.When we cross the Getúlio Vargas’ Bridge, we’ll get to the Itamaracá Island to enjoy the beautiful landscapes shaped by its stunning beaches and peaceful waters. We’ll stay there for 4 hours approximately.Additionally, we can visit Coroa do Avião Island taking a boat from Forte Orange. Coroa do Avião is a less crowded island with very nice and transparent waters, ideal for swimming and there are restaurants that offer a variety of fishes, shrimps, oysters, and other specialties. (Optional) Later on, we’ll continue with this adventure to see the astonishing view of Engenho São João Ruins built in the 17th century where sugar cane was produced. After that, we’ll return to Recife.

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