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Experience the heart and soul of our city with our Exclusive Walking Tour. Our local guides are ready to lead you on a journey filled with rich history, cultural immersion, and delightful culinary experiences.


Museum History: Start at the captivating museum to dive into the city’s history, setting the stage for your adventure.
Ancient Ica: Explore the secrets of ancient Ica as you wander through the historic district, uncovering its intriguing past.
Local Guides: Our passionate local guides provide unique insights into the city’s soul.
Main City Church: Visit the awe-inspiring main city church, a symbol of our city’s spiritual heritage.
Ceviche Delight: Savor mouthwatering Iqueño ceviche, a culinary masterpiece bursting with flavor.
Artisanal Ice Cream: Cool down with a taste of artisanal ice cream, a sweet ending to your adventure.

Your Exclusive Walking Tour concludes with a return to your accommodation, leaving you with lasting memories of our city’s history, culture, and culinary delights. Join us for an experience that will enrich your senses and provide a deeper connection to our captivating city.



Immerse in local flavors with a hands-on ceviche experience.
Uncover Hidden Stories: Passionate locals reveal the city’s secrets.
Explore ancient cityscapes and visit the main church for a historical journey.



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