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Add the thrill of adventure to your Hurghada holiday and experience a unique and entertaining underwater excursion on board the Sinbad Submarine.
You’ll be met at your hotel and head to the pier to begin a memorable undersea adventure. The only submarine in the Middle East, the Sindbad Submarine carries 44 passengers and has a capable 2-pilot crew.

Enjoy a thrilling underwater adventure as you head 20 meters below the surface of the Red Sea. Marvel at the spectacular varieties of coral and colorful tropical fish for 35-40 minutes.

There’s no need to be a scuba diver to discover the wonders that await below the waves.

Be picked up from Sindbad Submarine marina by a representative and then transferred to the Marina. Take part in parasailing, a recreational activity where one or two people are towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute, ascending up to 30-40 meters in the air with a full 10-15 or 20 minutes of flight time.

For this activity, no training is required. Your friendly and experienced captain and crew will do all the work to ensure your comfort and safety. Know that your safety is the number one concern, both captain and crew are CPR and Advanced First Aid Certified and all parasailing equipment is regularly inspected and certified.



Descend 20 meters below the surface of the Red Sea on the Sindbad Submarine
Marvel at the underwater life of the coral wonderland
Parasail either solo or with a friend next to you
See the amazing world of Red Sea at a bird’s-eye level
Enjoy a diving experience while staying dry and comfortable at the submarine



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