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-We will start our excursion with hotel pick up near the main square of Huaraz at 8:30 a.m., we will travel north passing through the district of Marcará.
-We will enter the Huascaran National Park from where we will begin our hike, passing through the Paqcharuri ravine until we reach the Rocutuyocq Lagoon (4,550 m.a.s.l.).
-We will continue our hike to reach the glacier tongue or frozen lagoon, we will have incredible views of the Paccharaju, Bayoraju, Akillpo and others.
-Then we will see the Paqchruri waterfall and the cave paintings.
-We will make a stop in the village of Marcará so you can have lunch on your own (average cost of lunch 30 soles).
-Afterwards we will return to the city of Huaraz, arrival time 5:30 approximately.



Enjoy an incredible view of the snow-capped mountains.
Admire the beautiful scenery of the Rocutuycq lagoon.
Trekking with beautiful mountain scenery



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