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In Hiroshima City, there are many heritage sites in the suburbs in addition to the Peace Memorial Park, each with a story connected to the atomic bombing.
While at the heritage site of the bombing, we will introduce you to the power of the atomic bomb and the situation at the time. 70 years after the war, the destroyed Hiroshima has been dramatically revitalized, and now you can see it full of greenery. You can get a real sense of it through your own eyes, and cycling is the best way to do that.
With the guidance of our local staff, who grew up in the city, come and experience the real Hiroshima that you can’t experience through photos and books.

?About the route?
[11:00 / 15:00] Meeting up

[11:05/15:05] Peace Memorial Park
What is the Peace Memorial Park? Learn about the memories contained in the monuments and the Atomic Bomb Dome and what happened 70 years ago.

[11:30/15:30] Sendamachi, Miyukibashi Bridge, Kyobashi River, etc.
The guide will show you the actual townscape of Hiroshima in the suburbs away from the touristic area. You will find beautiful Hiroshima vigorously revived from the tremendous damages by the atomic bombing while visiting numerous A-bomb heritage sites and listening to the episodes handed down in Hiroshima.

[13:00/ 17:00] The tour finishes at the meeting point.
*You will be given data of the photos taken on the day.
*If you wish, we can also guide you to the Atomic Bomb Museum.
(Additional hour, plus 1,000 yen cash payment on the day. Not
possible when combined with other guests, only from 11:00 to 13:00)
*The timetable may change depending on the situation on the day.

• In the case of bad weather, the tour may be canceled to take into consideration of the safety of the guests.
• When it rains, the local partner offers cancellation and refund, or an alternative walking tour which has a different itinerary.



Learn about local feelings towards the Peace Park from about 70 years ago.
The area within a 2.5km radius from the hypocenter was severely damaged.
You will ride a comfortable electric bicycle through the local area.
We will take you to unique places well-known by our local Japanese team.
Learn the destruction of Hiroshima at that time and how the city has changed.



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