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You will start your journey in Tipón, perfectly preserved archaeological sites located 27 kilometers from the city of Cusco. Close to the town of the same name, where stands an impressive rural colonial mansion (1650), there are 12 terraces still cultivated, some enclosures and an irrigation system considered a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering still used by the surrounding population.

Then continue to Pikillacta, that corresponds to the Wari culture, ancestor of the Incas. Among its 700 structures, covering more than 3 thousand hectares, there are stone and mud buildings of two and three floors, fine andenería and the head of a condor carved in a rock.

Finally, you will visit Andahuaylillas, a town located 40 kilometers from Cusco that has the Church of Andahuaylillas. Also called The Sistine Chapel of America, due to the high quality of the pieces of art found in it. Today it has an original pipe organ recently restored. From here, he will return to Cusco.



Inca-era feat of irrigation engineering at Tipón’s terraces.
Visit the well-preserved Wari city of Pikillacta, predating the Inca.
Admire glorious frescoes & ornamentation in Andahuaylillas’ church.
Chance to see sriking natural landscapes & mesmerizing Inca architecture.



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