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Molen de Adriaan is a working windmill including a museum. The museumpart shows you the development of various types of mills, such as polder mills, flour mills, oil mills and sawmills. The invention of the sawmill in 1600 made building thousands of ships possible with which the VOC traded with the whole world.

Molen de Adriaan started to function in 1778 as trasmolen (cement for Roman mortar), during Napoleontic occupation in 1802 it was sold to be used as tobacco snuff mill. In 1865 it was converted in to a grainmill, with wind- and steam power. The introduction of electrical power meant the end of most Dutch windmills. In 1932 the Adriaan burnt down and it took 70 years before it was rebuilt as a working wheat mill. The Adriaan is a landmark at the river Spaarne very near the centre of Haarlem.
In the milling loft below the top you can see the millstones with which wheat can be grounded into flour. The flour loft below the stone floor is where the flour is put into bags. Outside on the balcony you are close to the wings and can enjoy the beautiful view of Haarlem at 12 meters height.

When a miller is in De Adriaan and with enough wind you will enjoy the turning sails. The span of the wings is 26 meters.
Please be aware, that most tours are in English. At 12AM and 2PM in Dutch only. Other languages will be provided with a handout to read while being on the tour.
For safety reasons, you can only go upstairs accompanied by a tour guide.



See up close how grain is milled into flour, how the sails work and
get an amazing view of the city of Haarlem from the windmills’ outerdeck
and step on board for tour to see Haarlem from the river Spaarne and canals



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