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Find out about the processes of making a good wine on a dynamic tour guided by an expert guide. Visit winemakers and taste different varieties of wines as you explore 3 beautiful vineyards in the Guadalupe Valley.

Gain a real understanding of the local culture as you enjoy meals in Finca Altozano by the famous Chef Javier Plascencia. Taste a delicious breakfast in the traditional Doña Esthela Kitchen.



Visit 3 vineyards from LA Cetto, Baron Balche, Domeq, Casa Magoni, among others
Enjoy included tastings and tours at each of the wineries visited
Learn about the winemaking process in this region
Savor a rich breakfast in Doña Estela or La Macha
Delight in a delicious meal in Constanzas, La Esperanza, or Finca Altozano



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