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Galle: Traditional Jewelry Making Workshop with Transfers – Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Learn how to make a custom piece of jewelry using a gemstone and silver during this workshop in Galle. Get your hands on melting , gauging, soldering, hammering, embedding, smoothing, and polishing.


I welcome all ages, children, families, couples and groups to come and create a lasting memory with me.This workshop demonstrates you how to make a custom piece of jewelry using precious metals such as Gold or Silver. Your “experience” is to actively participate and get your hands on Melting metals/Gauging/ Soldering/Designing/Hammering/ Embedding gems/Smoothing and Polishing involves in jewelry making. You will become familiar with all Traditional techniques that are involved.
*If you have been dreaming of wearing a piece of jewelry made by yourself then, this experience is for you.
Apart from that you have the opportunity to:-
* Touch and examine Rough and Polished (precious, semi- precious) gems from local mines.
* Learn how to Identify real gems from fakes.

*** Buy all types of Gemstones and custom made Jewelries for a very low non- touristic price***

* Get a Free “moonstone “at the end of the experience.

~~~ This is a working demonstration class which demonstrates you how to make a piece of jewelry in traditional way ,so If you wish to take what you make with you , then you will have to pay for the Metal and Gems involved in the piece.( very reasonable Non Touristic price) But you don`t have to Buy anything unless you want to as we give chance for you to practice with a custom piece ~~

~You can bring your own jewelry designs to be handmade by yourself~



Super storytelling
Authentic Experience To Learn Traditional Oldschool Jewelry Making



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