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Full-Day Private Aramu Muru w/ Andean Shaman – Puno Region, Peru

Aramu Muru, also known as Hayu Marca, is a highly mystical place on Lake Titicaca. At Hayu Marca, you'll find a mysterious gate carved into a large stone situated amidst rocky formations.


Embark on an exciting trip to Aramu Muru that will leave you amazed. Our carefully planned tour ensures a memorable experience filled with enriching encounters.

Our adventure begins with a visit to Chucuito village, a charming colonial town near the Temple of Inca Uyo. Marvel at the intricate stone carvings depicting more than 20 phalluses, which symbolize fertility and celebrate life. Immerse yourself in the historical and cultural significance of this remarkable site.

Next, prepare to be awestruck as we head to the Aramu Muru Gate, surrounded by stunning rocky formations. Explore the mystery and natural beauty of this captivating location. A short hike will allow you to fully appreciate the breathtaking surroundings and create lasting memories.

As a special highlight of our tour, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to take part in a personal ceremony led by a highly respected Andean shaman. Witness ancient rituals, connect with sacred altars, and honor Pachamama, the revered goddess of life and mother earth. This immersive offering ritual lasts about 2.5 hours, allowing you to deeply experience this ancestral Andean tradition.

The shaman will guide you on a spiritual journey, sharing wisdom and understanding of this sacred ritual. You’ll gain a profound appreciation for the cultural heritage embedded in every aspect of this extraordinary experience.

Join us on this transformative adventure to Aramu Muru, where fascinating history, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient rituals come together, offering an unparalleled journey of discovery.



Embark on a mystical tour to Aramu Muru Gate located among among rocky formations
Visit the altars with an Andean shaman and make an offering to the goddess of life
Make an offering of rose petals, chicha, wine, coca leaves, wood, corn, precious metals, candles, Andean cereals and other sacred objects



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