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Full-Day Lima: a Culinary, Historic & Traditional City – Lima Province. Peru, Peru

A full day to savor the Peruvian flavours. Visit the market for endemic fruits, the Chinatown, learn how to make pisco sour and ceviche. Stroll the streets of Barranco and try a local dessert.


Treat your tastebuds by tasting products from the region in a local market while visiting Lima’s historic center and the bohemian Barranco district.

Enjoy a culinary tour of Lima’s Chinatown and taste the savory local food on this full-day tour. Lima’s Chinatown is the largest in South America and has an exciting mixture of Peruvian and Chinese styles. Experience a tropical cuisine like nowhere else on earth.

Walk in the Historic Centre of Lima, taking in its monuments and its architecture. 

Visit a local restaurant and observe the the skill and concentration it takes to make ceviche, a tangy traditional seafood dish of fresh fish cured in citrus juices.

Walk around the streets of the charming Barranco district, visit local shops, and browse through a private collection of the best Peruvian handcrafted goods.

After your walk, visit a local restaurant to taste picarones, the well-known Peruvian dessert made of squash and sweet potato, shaped like a doughnut, and drizzled in syrup.



Visit a local market to try fresh, locally-grown products
Explore the unique mixture of Peruvian and Chinese cultures in South America’s largest Chinatown
Walk in the Historic Downtown of Lima (Unesco site) to observe its main monuments and architecture.
Meet a chef and try some of the best ceviche in Lima and learn how to make it.
Discover Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima, and try a local dessert.



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