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This wonderful place is visited by different species of macaws, parrots and parakeets. The guide will help us to identify the species seen in the river and in the clay lick with the use of binoculars and telescope. Great opportunity to observe one of the most impressive spectacles of nature.

For one of the best experiences with tropical birds in the Amazon, you need to visit the Macaw Clay Lick: Chuncho. Because of the nutrients, probably salt, found in the cliff floor, the clay lick attracts dozens of bird species. From huge red and green macaws to parrots, the birds flock to eat nutrient-rich clay. The macaws are the largest – and loudest – of the group, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience this sonorous spectacle.
Parrot and macaw clay lick, an interesting attraction on a cliff of the river that concentrates salt and clay.
salt and clay and that, being part of the diet of parrots, every morning from 4:30 a.m. and with good weather, many parrots and small macaws
and with good weather, many parrots and small macaws congregate for a show of color and excitement.
colorful and exciting show. On the same route the local guides can find up to two types of sloths.
two types of sloths.



dare to live this incredible experience.
enjoys one of the most beautiful views
discover this incredible place, where we will find a great variety of parrots.



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