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join us for a day filled with adventure, beauty, and memories to last a lifetime. Uncover the magic of our island expedition!

1. Hotel Pickup: We begin with a hassle-free pick-up from your hotel, setting the tone for a day of excitement.

2. Check-in with refreshment: Upon arrival at Royal Phuket Marina office, get comfortable and enjoy a small refreshment. Brace yourself for what’s ahead.

3. Tour Program Briefing: Get the lowdown on weather and sea conditions, setting the stage for an informed and confident adventure.

4. Boarding the Speedboat: Hop aboard the speedboat and embark on an exhilarating journey to Hong Island (Krabi). Dive into an oasis of swimming, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and relaxation in pure natural beauty. Capture awe-inspiring views from the Hong Island viewpoint.

5. Delicious Lunch at Panyee Island: Refuel with a delectable lunch on Panyee Island, a floating fishing village with a restaurant. Immerse yourself in the local charm through a captivating sightseeing tour.

6. Talu Island Discovery: Navigate the wonders of Talu Island through an unforgettable sea canoe tour, unveiling hidden treasures of the sea.

7. James Bond Island Adventure: Get ready for the highlight – an enthralling expedition to James Bond Island, famed from the 1974 movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Admire towering cliffs, trek the terrain, and soak up the iconic sights.

8. Phang Nga Bay Exploration: Immerse yourself in the unique eco-system of Phang Nga Bay National Park, unveiling the secrets of Hong (Phang Nga) and Panak Islands.

9. Homeward Bound: As the sun begins to set, we journey back to the Royal Phuket Marina, ensuring a safe and comfortable transfer back to your hotel.



Enjoy an adventure in the breathtaking Phang Nga Bay National Park
Visit Talu Island, sightseeing and canoeing trough a mangrove forest and lagoons
Explore the wondrous and majestic Panak Island cave system
Experience world famous James Bond Island sightseeing tour
Enjoy a delicious lunch at Panyee Island Floating Village



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